Only Adopt from Australian National Kennel Club Pedigree Breeders which will supply you with ANKC papers for your Japanese Spitz.

Pedigree ANKC Registered breeders are not just about show dogs.  Registered ANKC Breeders are usually involved in showing merely because they will show their breeding Japanese Spitz dogs and bitches to Australian and International Judges to have the dog acknowledged as a sound breeding specimen.

Their main aim is to be breeding healthy, kind temperament dogs into this world. They have experience in genetics and insights into the breed that inexperienced hobby/ back yard breeders do not have. Untrained eyes, lack of proven pedigree and ignorance is causing extreme damage to this breed. Only pedigree breeders know what they are breeding. A dog is not proven as a purebred unless it has ANKC papers. These issues may be evident in first litters and some not until later litters. Health, Temperament and Deformations of the breed standard are what we are seeing happen by these inexperienced breeders. ANKC pedigree breeding dogs are chosen as the best possible specimens of the breed to ensure we keep this amazing rare breed to the standard it should be. Do not support hobby/back yard breeders by adopting from them.

"You will only find ANKC Registered Japanese Spitz Breeders advertising for adoption on this site."

To find Registered Japanese Spitz Breeders in Australia please visit:

JONJA'S Japanese Spitz

Contact:   Jane Faulkner

"Club President & Registered ANKC Breeder with over 20yrs experience."

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Phone:  0413 200 507




Japanese Spitz

Contact:   Barbara Winch

"Club Vice President & Registered ANKC Breeder with over 40yrs experience."

    Phone: 0407 044 026




    Japanese Spitz

    Contact:   Tracy Gaff

    Club Secretary 

     Registered ANKC Breeder and Show Exhibitor "

      Phone:  0430 785 000