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What is a Registered Pedigree Breeder?

Pedigree Registered breeders are not just about show dogs. 

These Breeders are usually involved in showing to have their breeding Japanese Spitz assessed by Australian and International Judges to confirm the dog is acknowledged as a sound breeding specimen.

So why choose a pedigree purebred Japanese Spitz from a Registered Breeder?

These Breeders put a lot of time and money into ensuring their puppies are healthy. Careful records are kept with the pedigree of each dog and many breeders even go to the trouble of using artificial insemination from purebred dogs around the world to ensure the bloodlines in Australia stay strong and varied.  If you buy from other so called breeders you will more than likely end up with not the dog you had pictured but a dog that is not well put together leading to health and temperament issues. 

Beware many people advertise their dogs as “Purebred Japanese Spitz”

A dog is not proven as a purebred unless it has Pedigree papers.  


Do purebred dogs have better temperaments?

This is one of many ways in which Registered pedigree purebred dogs are more predictable. In addition to health checks, responsible breeders make sure they use animals with good temperaments. Purebred dogs are just as loving and playful as any, but a predictable energy-level / temperament means you can find a dog that fits easily into your way of life.

Are purebred Japanese Spitz healthier?

Health concerns are showing across Australia with the Japanese Spitz from unregistered breeders. These breeders are breeding Japanese Spitz dogs that are unpredictable in many ways, including health and particular inherited diseases as well as temperament. Purebreds are tested for issues known to affect the breed and although there is no blood test for this breed as hereditery markers. Pedigree papered Breeders know the Japanese Spitz standard to make sure only healthy, well temperment, fit dogs are used for breeding. Many diseases and issues such as patela problems are being eradicated in this way. Supporting unregistered breeders can creates a genetic lottery with un-known results that therefore cannot be tested for in advance. This also continues unwanted temperaments, breed defects (like light orange/brown eyes rather than dark which is important to the breed history) Continued patella problems and other health issues that are much more unlikely with a Pedigree Papered Japanese Spitz.

What are Pedigree papers?

As above this means so much more than just a piece of paper.

When you adopt your Japanese Spitz from Registered breeders that provide pedigree papers you will receive the comfort of knowing the dog is a purebred Japanese Spitz.

What is the Aim of a Pedigree Japanese Spitz Breeder

Their main aim is to be breeding healthy, kind temperament dogs into this world. They have experience in genetics and insights into the breed that inexperienced hobby/ back yard breeders do not have. Untrained eyes, lack of proven pedigree and ignorance is causing extreme damage to this breed. Only pedigree breeders know what they are breeding. These issues may be evident in first litters and some not until later litters. Health, Temperament and Deformations of the breed standard are what we are seeing happen by these inexperienced breeders. Pedigree breed dogs are chosen as the best possible specimens of the breed to ensure we keep this amazing rare breed to the standard it should be. 

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