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About the Japanese Spitz

The Japanese Spitz is an intelligent dog that is devoted and extremely affectionate.  The breed requires good socialisation in the 1st year to ensure a confident dog.


Small to Medium

Height at Shoulders

Dogs 34-37cm (13.5-14.5 inc)

Bitch 30-34cm  (12-13.5 inc)



They are a Double Coated Breed and the coat colour of the Japanese Spitz is profuse pure white. 


Dog approx. 10kg

Bitch approx. 8kg



Approx. 10-16 years

The Japanese Spitz is not a short-lived breed and great consideration to this fact should be taken into account when considering adopting.


Alert, Intelligent, bold and lively.

High-Spirited, intelligent playful dog that thrives on human companionship. Eager to please & very affectionate. 

They can show strong determination and have an independence of their own. Can be wary of strangers and anxious to aggressive if not socialised extremely well as a puppy.


Medium to High Effort

The texture of their coat mostly allows dirt and mud to fall out. Brushing a few times a week and bathing, blow dry, comb out monthly is recommended to remove dead hair.  This will avoid hair shedding to a minimumn.  This is a double coated breed so effort is required as shaving can cause great harm to their skin frolicles causing unwanted skin health issues.  The breed has no dog odour smell to them.


Moderately active dogs & can get up to mischief if they become bored. They enjoy walks, obedience, agility, dog puzzles, ball games and general enrichment activities.


Positive reinforcement training methods with firm direction will ensure you have a loyal, devoted companion for life. 

Socialise them early and extremely well or they can become anxious and be reserved and aloof to strangers sometimes displaying aggression.

Puppy School and Advanced Obedience for the 1st 12mths are crucial.


Ideal family pets as well as great companions to people on their own. They are an indoor/outdoor breed that require a lot of interaction and enjoy the company of humans & other animals. Only suited to securely fenced homes.  They will not go well being left alone for long hours.  I recommend another pet for company if someone is not home most days.  I do not believe these dogs are suited to apartment living unless in their later years of life.


Generally they get on well with other pets and children.   However  they can have a dominant nature and may dominate over other pets including larger breeds, especially when introduced at a later age. A puppy, (3-12months) could be a handful for children under the age of 5 without adult supervision and is not recommended.

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