Grooming your Japanese Spitz

Recommended Items:

  1. Spray Water Bottle

  2. Slicker Brush

  3. Long Pinned Pin Brush

  4. Comb 

  5. Degreasing Shampoo

  6. Whitening Shampoo

  7. Conditioner

  8. Nail Clippers and or Nail Grinder

  9. Grooming Table and/or Non Slip Mat

  10. Pet Dryer

  11. Option: Shower Hose for bath

Before you begin grooming your dog you need to secure him on a non-slip grooming table or bench. It is always preferable to groom your dog on a non slip surface so that you can see what you are doing and the dog feels more secure. If you are using a normal table you will need to place a rubber mat onto the surface to prevent the dog from slipping.  

You should always get a young puppy use to these steps at a young age and grooming for life will be a breeze.


  1. Spray the coat with a mixture of water and dash of conditioner mixture. (A cheap spray bottle is sufficient to mix your own.) This will ensure you do not break and split the hair.

  2. Brush through the coat with a soft slicker brush. Place one hand on the coat to separate rows and the other to brush, moving your hand downwards as you go to release more hair. Ensure you get right to the undercoat and root of hair. You may need to use a fine comb behind the ears as the hair is thinner and more prone to knotting and breakage. (This brushing prior to a bath removes any dead hair and debris from the coat)


  1. Trim the nail to just before the quick using a nail cutter or a nail grinder. (I find a nail grinder is safest for those nervous of cutting toe nails to the quick.  If you do catch the quick and blood is present place a large amount of talcum powder over it.  The nail may bleed for up to 15 min.


You can wash your Japanese Spitz well by attaching a shower hose to a bath or if you have a shower with a hanging hose in the shower box.  Always use luke warm-water.

  1. Wash 1. Use a degreasing shampoo to remove excess dirt.

  2. Wash 2. Use a white titanium shampoo to bring up a brilliant white.

  3. Massage right through the coat and make sure shampoo has reached the entire coat.

  4. Rinse thoroughly removing all traces of shampoo. (This is very important to avoid a dull coat or the skin becoming irritated.

  5. Condition with a light conditioner.

  6. Towel Dry





​This is possibly the most crucial stage in the preparation of the Japanese Spitz, you need to achieve the impressive ‘stand-off’ coat. If you allow your dog to dry naturally the dog’s coat will become flat, you need to brush as you blow dry and you need a low-cost pet dryer.


  1. Place your dog on a table or bench and direct the dryer at a small area of the coat,                                  this is the area you need to start brushing, brush from the root to the tip - you are                      effectively straightening the coat, again you must be thorough as drying the Spitz                   completely is quite a long job. The better you dry off the less hair you will have                       becoming loose and dropping around your home.

  2. Dry each side of the dog, then the tail, ruff and mane and lastly down the centre of the                       back.

Once you are satisfied that the dog is completely dry you can move onto the final preparation, scissoring the feet and the hocks


​The Japanese Spitz should have a small cat like neat foot which is spoiled if you alow the hocks overgrown and the toes to hairy.

  1. To trim the feet, you will need your soft slicker brush, straight scissors and thinning scissors

  2. Firstly brush the hair down over the toes and pick up the foot so you are looking at the pad, trimming the over-lapping hair level with the pads.

  3. Then, brush up the hair on the top of the foot which will lift the inter- digital hair then scissor this using the thinning scissors so it blends in with the short hair on the rest of the foot.

  4. To finish off the foot brush down over the foot and check it is neat around the toes, trim off any uneven growth and you should have a neat and tidy foot.

  5. The trimming on the hocks should be only enough to give a neat appearance, you should use straight or thinning scissors carefully to create a straight edge to the hock. Use your brush or fine-tooth comb to lift the hair before scissoring.


​The Japanese Spitz should have their teeth brushed only with a pet toothpaste.  Do not use the teeth clean chews as they will often make your dog sick and hold no nutrition. You are better off giving them bones and Goat Horns to maintain clean health teeth and gums.


A good trick when to busy for the above is to wet a small towel or washer with hot water and ring out.  Rub all over the dog, brush through and dry off.

Optional: Use a few drops of Eucalyptus in a sink of hot water to dip towel in. This will freshen them up.

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